Eighteen Resurrections and Counting in Lakeland Florida revival. April – June 2008    Coverage by MSNBC


The glory of God is intense – it is so tangible now – overwhelming! I have never felt the presence of the Lord like this. Honestly, the last few meetings I could barely stand. Notable miracles continue – tumors disappearing nightly, cancers and deaf ears being healed. It has been reported that more than 55 people in wheel chairs are receiving their healing. Another remarkable turn of events – 13 reported resurrections! Three stories have been in the news, and Fresh Fire is in the process of confirming these reports. This week a story will appear on MSNBC.


To our dear friends all across the world – we feel as though our lives, the lives of our GOD TV teams and the lives of you – our viewers will never be the same again and we know so many many of you are feeling the same. Even as we write the Angelic Presence is so strong across the airwaves. We are literally receiving thousands of emails from you, our viewers ALL ACROSS THE WORLD, telling us where you’re watching, sending healing testimonies and prayer requests and begging us NOT TO STOP BROADCASTING THIS REVIVAL!

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS, we believe that GOD TV was raised up to show the Glory of God throughout the earth and connect the nations of GOD in this vast outpouring Of Gods GLORY and HIS GRACE upon the nations – And YOU can be part of the miraculous by helping us take the fire of revival from Florida to the uttermost parts of the earth.

We have rescheduled all our programming, and are about to make some revolutionary decisions which will no doubt cost us more revenue, but we want to be OBEDIENT to the Spirit of the Lord. As many of you have guessed, we have NO BUDGET to broadcast this outpouring. It was not in OUR plans – oh but HOW it was in GODS PLANS FOR GOD TV!

We have gone out on a limb and are riding the wave with the Holy Spirit. This Sunday we run out of the money given to carry the revival live EVERY night, but our hearts AND YOUR hearts are all burning to keep the revival on air!

If its within your power to sow into broadcasting this historic outpouring – and you are led by the Lord to do so – countless millions around the world will be eternally grateful – what can we say – things we know your heart already beats with – multitudes are already being DELIVERED, SET FREE, HEALED, RADICALLY SAVED AND SET AFLAME BY THESE BROADCASTS ALL ACROSS THE EARTH!