Lesson GA1 Honour

Aramaic (from the Peshitta) and Greek Word study:  Honour

Aramaic: yi-qar    Greek: timao (tim-ah’-o)
Matthew 15:4, 5 John 8:49, 12:26

To honor in these verses; means to place a correct value on someone (or something). When we place the correct value on all, our life is enhanced from the view point  of the truth. When we honor our mother and father, or place the correct value on them as figures of authority, love, provision and protection; it becomes the first commandment with promise, as we will recognize quickly the
nature and character of our Father in heaven. When we place the correct value on people (the way the Father sees them) and money (the way we should direct it coming and going from our hands for the body of Christ), we walk effectively in the Truth.

The Kenneth Wuest expanded translation puts it best this way in Matt 15:4; “For God said, be placing a correct evaluation of your father and your  mother, and be according them the reverence and veneration due them, and, He who calls down curses upon mother or father, let him come to his end by death”

Aramaic: ai-qa-ra   Greek: time (tee-may)
Romans 12:10 1 Cor 12:23  1 Thess 4:4 Rev 4:11
Honor in these verses means to value or (highly) esteem. We are to prefer one another, giving more honor to those in the body of Christ that seem less honorable, our spouses and Christ Himself. As God has a biblical history of speaking to us about where we’re going and not where we’re at, we can be patient and look at the ‘big picture’ and foresee the unsaved saved, the ignorant preacher of God growing, the light going on in the spouse that just doesn’t ‘get it’ yet, and judging God faithful like Sarah (Heb 11:11).
God plants seed and knows what the harvest will be like. We are at our best when we come in the agreement and intercession that we are called to do. God will not do anything without using his servants that honor the body. When there is no schism in the body, it will be rapture ready.

Aramaic: shuv-ka   Greek: doxa
John 5:41,44   2 Corinthians 6:8 Rev 19:7
Honor here is majesty and glory. In Rev 19:1 we see the people in heaven gave aiqara to the Lord our God, and in verse 7; when the bride of Christ has made herself ready, heaven will rejoice and give shuvka to Him. These people who are washed by the blood, can rightfully give Him glory in the unity we were all called to.

Remember in prayer for the unity of all who are in the body; great and small, especially your prayer partner you are one flesh with. When you see the full manifestation of your answered prayer, we will all join together in shuvka for our Lord and Savior.