BIBLE TRIVIA Novice Answers

14) Which book contains; “In the last days I will pour our
my Spirit on all flesh?
a. John
b. Joel
c. Joshua
3) Which characteristics of stars is NOT found in the bible?
a. stars fighting
b. stars wandering
c. stars flying
d. stars singing
6) What is the name of Timothy’s grandmother?
a. Lois
b. Eunice
c. Helen
2) What did King David kill before killing Goliath?
a. ox
b. bear
c. tiger
4) After being ‘bitten’, what could the children of Israel look upon
and live?
a. golden calf
b. silver seraphim
c. brass serpent
5) Which book contains; “And He has raised us up
together, and made us sit in heavenly places?
a. Isaiah
b. Psalm
c. Ephesians
1) Whose womb carried ‘two nations’?
a. Racheal
b. Rebekah
c. Rhema
d. Rhonda
12) Whose voice was described as the sound of many waters?
a. Elisha
b. Paul
c. an angel of God
d. Jesus
7) Name a brother of Jesus (Mary’s sons) who wrote a book in the bible
a. James
b. John
c. Joshua
d. Jeff
19) Which king did evil in the sight of the Lord?
a. Manasseh
b. Josiah
c. Evilmerodach
d. Lucifer
15) Which of these is NOT mentioned in the bible?
a. king of heaven
b. queen of heaven
c. prince of heaven
d. windows of heaven
8) Which book of the New Testament was written by Luke?
a. Romans
b. Hebrews
c. Acts
d. Titus
11) How many books mention Michael the Archangel?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 1
9) How many books mention the “Tree of Life’ found in the bible 10 times?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
13) What did Jesus NOT do?
a. Go into the wilderness with wild beasts
b. baptise with water
c. descend into the lower parts of the earth
d. preach unto the spirits in prision
10) Which book says; “Let every man be slow to speak, swift to hear”?
a. Psalms
b. Proverbs
c. James
16) Who said; “I will chastise you with scorpions”?
a. the Angel of the Lord
b. Saul
c. Satan
d. Solomon’s son
17) Who’s sons died with him on the same day?
a. Issac
b. Saul
c. David
d. Jesse
18) What is the name of Solomon’s mother?
a. Michal
b. Bathsheba
c. Cleopatra
d. ariiam
20) What is Belteshazzor’s original name?
a. Daniel
b. Isaiah
c. John
c. Ezekiel
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b. Joel (2:28)
a (Judges 5:20)
b (Jude 1:13)
c. stars flying
d. (Job 38:7)
a. Lois

2 Tim 1:5

b. bear

1 Sam 17:34

c. brass serpent

Num 21:9

c. Ephesians  (2:6)
b. Rebekah

Gen 25:23

d. Jesus

Rev 1:17

a. James

Gal 1:19

a. Manasseh

2 Kings 21:2

a (Daniel 4:37)
b (Jer 7:18, 44:17,18,19,24)
c. prince of heaven
d (Gen 7:11, 8:2)
c. Acts
b. 3
b. 3


a (Mark 1:13)
b. baptise with water
c (Eph 4:9)
d (1 Peter 3:19)
c. James  (1;19)
d. Solomon’s son

2 Chr 10:14

b. Saul

1 Sam 31:6

b. Bathsheba

1  Kings 1:11

a. Daniel

Daniel 1:7

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