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14) What is the Hebrew name for the angel of the bottomless pit?
a. Abbadon
b. Apollyon
c. Aziziel
d. Azimuth
1) In Revelation Chapter 7, how many children of Jacob are not mentioned?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
6) Which book contains the bibles longest verse?
a. Esther
b. Luke
c. Psalms
3) Who wrote Pauls’s epistle to the Romans?
a. Timotheus
b. Titus
c. Tertius
d. Epaphroditus
4) If Jesus had done might works in Sodom, would the city have
a. yes
b. no
c. uncertain
5) How many times is Hallelujah mentioned in the Old Testament?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 3
d. 15
2) After Jesus rose from the grave, how many people saw him?
a. 15
b. more than 15
c. less than 15
12) A woman in the bible also has this man’s name:
a. Joash
b. Ezra
c. Elisha
d. Noah
7) How many times was the river Jordan parted?
a. never
b. once
c. twice
d. thrice
19) After Judas betrayed Jesus, did he ever confess to the high
priest tat He was the Christ?
a. yes
b. no
15) What is Joshua’s original name?
a. Joshea
b. Josiah
c. Osiah
d. Oshea
8) In this persons day, the earth was divided:
a. Rehoboam
b. Lot
c. Peleg
d. Evilmerodach
11) Which statement is not found in the bible?
a. The stars are pure in His sight
b. The earth opened her mouth
c. An Amalekite claimed he killed Saul and took his crown
10) How many times does the bible mention Enoch?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
13) What is another name that Solomon was called?
a. Jedidiah
b. Jediel
c. Jethro
d. Uriah
9) In the time of Moses, if a man entices a woman that is not engaged
(betrothed) & lies with her, what is supposed to happen?
a. He pays money
b. He is cast away from the people
c. He is stoned
16) Which  book contains the phrase “windows of heaven”?
a. Genesis
b. Kings
c. Malachi
d. Nicodemus
17) Which actioon has the Holy Spirit NOT been known to do?
a. Speak
b. Sing
c. Listen
d. Give gifts
18) When Paul came before Nero the 2nd time, what did he leave at Troas?
a. a cloak
b. shoes
c. food
d. money
20) In the O.T. The Philistines slew 4,000 men of Israel. Afterwards the
Israelites fetched the ark of the covenant, shouted with a great shout,
and the Philistines were afraid because they heard that God had smote
the Egyptians with plagues. What happened next?
a. Israel defeated the Philistines
b. The Philistines became bond servants
c. The Phlistines slew 30,000 more of Israel
d. The Philistines called Goliath’s bigger brother
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