About the Authors

Suellen Fry-Washington was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1957. She
now resides in Bradenton, Florida with her and 8 year old son. As an aspiring
Christian writer she hopes that her stories will touch someone’s heart and
perhaps change the direction of someone’s life!
Karen Elengikal is a mother of 6 sons and married to George from India, who
she met in India as a missionary in 1993. She lives in Sydney, Australia. She
wrote her first book, ‘Kidz Battle Zone’ in 2007. Presently, she’s working on her
second book: ‘Fantasy – Modern Marvel or Fatal Attraction’. She’s also writing
a series of 12 children’s stories that cover different aspects of Christian
character and issues to teach children the principles of the Word of God. She
particularly loves to write with prophetic unction, as the Lord inspires and
carries her by His Holy Spirit. Aside from writing, her other life’s passion is

Jeff Lowe was married to Shenna Lowe in 2009. He is a native of Rhode
Island. He attended High school at Doherty High school in Colorado Springs,
Co. He is also alumni of USC, ATCOA, CPTT, and IMI. He is a poet and
freelance writer for Faithwriters, The Word News and Vision Workers
International Ministries and has published articles PU.R.E. and Sacred Mint.
He is the author of “Adam and Eve”, “The Kingdom of God” and “Greater
Works and How to perform Miracles”
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Daisy j. Greer Marshall was born and raised in a small town in Arkansas and
has a degree in Elementary education and English from the University of
Arkansas. Since retiring in 2000, she has devoted much time to her writing,
reading, and doing volunteer work for her church and other community
organizations. She enjoys public speaking and acting and resides in
Chaplain Kelly Crooks is a C.E.R.T. Level qualified ERT and Ordained Sr.
Chaplain by International Fellowship of Chaplains, Inc. (IFOC) and on the M:
Medical Ministry Team-First Aid Provider Coverage and Crowd Support. Her
Outreach story: “The Hearts of the Hungry Multitudes” can be provided upon
request by clicking on the link from her picture.