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The Kingdom of God is here!

"The power we will see magnified as this
book is sent forth to empower the Saints of
the Living God! If any man lack wisdom let
him ask, I believe that Jeff Lowe asked and
he did receive."   Pastor Richard Kurtz   

"When you read Jeff Lowe's book The
Kingdom of God it will take the pauper out
of your life's power and correct the view of
God's authority that is inside of you!  
This tool will accelerate your purpose, vision
and understanding as Christ's ambassadors.  
Jeff truly gives us the enabling keys to God's
Kingdom that:  unlocks mysteries; wisdom to
operate in Kingdom protocols, and the Holy
Spirit will engage your heart to do exploits!"
- Pastor Raveena D. Saunders   Delaware

"Jeff Lowe's writing on "The Kingdom of
God" even though written in a concise
manner is a great faith builder. I found
myself inspired and looking forward to a
stronger  manifestation of God's kingdom in
our time. He challenges you to think in
kingdom terms, and go beyond yourself. This
writing is for hungry souls who are searching
for more."
Pastor Daniel Ayettey   England    

Five Stars
This book will broaden your view of the
Kingdom of God. Jeff Lowe defines the
Kingdom of God as "the liberty of spiritual
right-standing with God, unceasing joy, and
the peace that surpasses all our
understanding." He discusses many aspects
of the Kingdom including the Glory of the
Kingdom, the Mystery of the Kingdom, the
Finances of the Kingdom, and ending with
Your Place in the the Kingdom. His writing is
interspersed with many Scripture references.
His theology is appropriate for mature
Christians who are willing to look deeper
into their relationship with God and who
want more understanding of what the
requirements, benefits, and blessings are in
that relationship."  Karen Potts  
Amazon.com Top 500 reviewer
Founder Dr. Jeff Lowe
Jeff Lowe is a graduate of the International Miracle Institute with doctoral degree in theology. He also
holds an honorary doctorate in divinity from Abundant Life Bible College. He has been in evangelism
since 1988. A worldwide respected bible teacher and author, Dr. Lowe has studied the New Testament
in both Aramaic and Koine Greek and historic Jewish customs. He is the founder and overseer of Tree of
Life Ministries in Long Beach, California. He also serves in evangelism, prison ministry and missionary
work worldwide with the Cottonwood Church in Cypress California.
Read about the true message
of Jesus and find your destiny!
“In the same way that iron sharpens iron,
a person sharpens the character of his friend.”
Proverbs 27:17
Tree of Life ministries Long Beach; Supernatural spiritual gifts, signs, wonders, miracles, healings and great faith are what abundant life is all about. Dedicated to provide information about the Word of God
Wow! Another great book from Jeff
Lowe. If you are ever "low on faith"
Greater Works will have the ability to
propel you into a lifestyle of supernatural
signs and wonders. This is not just a
book, a teaching or a story. Greater Works
is a profound and loaded message born
from the heart of God that is very timely
and much needed today. The Kingdom of
God is at hand and if you have ever
questioned that truth, this message will
remove that doubt forever. Each word
written is carefully chosen and often
carries a substance that gives us
revelation on more than one level. I
recommend this "Chronicle of Faith"
everyone who wants to make the
Kingdom of God a reality in everyday life.
Martijn van Tilborgh  
Miracles are real and People are believing in
God and miracles in this age more than
ever. This book is an announcement that
such a new wave of Holy Spirit inspired
transformation is well and truly underway!
And nothing makes the message of Christ
more accessible to the outside world than
seeing it at work in practical ways: not
only changing lives one at a time but also
whole communities as Christians get
together to attack the enemy is not of
playing a defensive game. Scriptures in this
book are totally relevant, applicable and
compatible to applied situations. Thank
God, the book reveals the Lord's
Everlasting Truth, and breaking forth again
in His eternal power in this our day and
age.    Rev. Kennedy, Kennedy E. Onyango
Kingdom Life Ministries, Mbita, Kenya.
Learn how to perform
"It is better to be hated for telling the truth
then to be loved by telling a lie."   
Adrian Rogers
John 4:24
“Handle conflict resolutions in an organized manner”
Check on your anger, if there is enough time to talk, decide who
will be 'Listener' and who will be 'talker', then reverse roles.
Formulate a statement  that identifies the conflict for both
partners, and find agreed solutions.
1 Thessalonians 5:15